Sep 272017

The ICANN Board has a crucial decision to make this year : finding a suitable replacement for Steve Crocker. One of the “fathers of the Internet”, Crocker has chaired the ICANN Board for the last 6 years. He is term limited and can no longer serve in this position.

So at the ICANN annual general assembly (AGM) due to be held in Abu Dhabi starting October 28, the Board will be selecting a new Chair. In a drive towards greater transparency in its decision-making processes, the Board has already announced who the new Chair will be.

Current Vice Chair Cherine Chalaby will replace Steve Crocker, with former AuDA* CEO Chris Disspain replacing Chalaby as Vice Chair.

Crocker has served on the ICANN Board since 2008. Chalaby joined the Board in December 2010 and has 2 years left to run before his term ends at the 2019 ICANN AGM. He was selected to the Board by ICANN’s Nominating Committee, an independent body tasked with recruiting to half the ICANN Board and other key ICANN community groups.

*AuDA runs Australia’s Internet suffix .AU.

Oct 012016

“Today, after months of preparation and implementation of the community’s tasks, ICANN’s contract with NTIA expired. As a result, the coordination and management of the Internet’s unique identifiers is now privatized and in the hands of the volunteer-based multistakeholder community.”

These 2 sentences published today, October 1, 2016, by ICANN Board Chair Steve Crocker, have an air of history-in-the-making about them.

For the first time since it was created in 1998 to oversea the Internet’s naming (domain names and Top Level Domains) and addressing (IP addresses) functions, ICANN no longer has a direct contract with one government. The United States no longer have veto power over the way Top Level Domains such as .SKI (generic) or .EU (country code) are launched on the Internet.

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