May 202016

Sur Internet comme ailleurs, il y a ceux qui comprennent vite et il y a les autres. Les habitués des phrases comme “ça ne marchera jamais”, qui se transforment quelques années plus tard en “ah si j’avais su…”.

Lorsqu’en 2012, le régulateur technique de l’Internet (l’ICANN) a ouvert les candidatures à la gestion de nouvelles extensions, les “ça ne marchera jamais” en attendaient au mieux 500. C’est sûr qu’à 185 000 dollars les frais de dépôt de dossier à payer à l’ICANN, ça leur semblait cher. Puis 1930 dossiers furent déposés…

Lorsque, le 13 juin 2012, l’ICANN a annoncé ce raz-de-marée, les “ça ne marchera jamais” ont répondu qu’il s’agissait de spéculation de la part d’une industrie du nommage sur Internet immature. Les poids lourds du Net, eux, n’allaient quand même pas s’intéresser à quelque chose d’aussi rébarbatif que des noms de domaine. Puis en lisant la liste des candidatures reçues, on s’est rendu compte que Google avait demandé une centaine de nouvelles extensions et Amazon avait postulé pour 70…

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Mar 142016

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September 2017 will see a major event for the global architecture community when the International Union of Architects (UIA) Congress opens in Seoul, South Korea.

UIA World Congresses are now held every 3 years, with a total of 24 having been organised since the UIA’s inception in 1948.

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Feb 092016

A screenshot of Nicolas Vuignier’s video iPhone experiment.

The Internet is going crazy over a video uploaded to YouTube by Swiss skier Nicolas Vuignier.

Shot with iPhone 6, the video offers incredible images of what appears to be Vuignier skiing whilst swinging the smartphone over his head.

It had almost a million hits in the first 24 hours and now, 3 days after its February 5, 2016 publication date, has already shot past 2 million views.

Vuignier is passionate about new technological developments. Beyond developing what is clearly a great technique for filming with iPhones, he’s also an early adopter of new gTLDs, more specifically .SKI. His video features his website, as picked up by CNET when they covered Youtube’s latest viral phenomenon.

Jan 262016


World politics are becoming more and more digital-aware, and the US presidential election is no exception.

We are getting used to politicians being active on social media but a candidate embracing new gTLDs… now that’s impressive!

Taking full advantage of the “personal space” potential of the .BIO new gTLD, Democratic Party would-be nominee Bernie Sanders is showcased on the web address The site claims independence from Sanders himself with a note stating that “This website was built & is maintained by volunteers with no official relation to Bernie Sanders.” It does however show avantgarde use of a new gTLD domain name by his supporters.

Sanders is considered former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s main rival for the Democratic Party Primaries set to start in February.

Jan 152016


If the auction held during the Namescon conference is anything to go by, domain investors are warming up to the opportunities offered by new gTLDs.

Last year was the first time new gTLD names featured in a Namescon auction, the very first new gTLDs having launched just months before the January 2015 event. This year some of those names came back at auction and where they had sold for a few hundred dollars in 2015, they now went for a few thousand.

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Jan 122016

premium domain names

Registry StartingDot’s Premium TLD 50 index for Q4 2015 shows strong growth for this segment of the new gTLD market. Premium TLDs are defined as Latin character suffixes (no IDNs) that are not brand or geographic terms and with an average retail price of over US$40. These suffixes are the business class section of the domain industry.

The Premium sector grew by 7% in the last quarter of 2015, riding a strong trend overall which saw total new gTLD growth rates rise from 26% in Q3 to 41% in Q4. Part of the increase seems attributable to improving awareness of TLDs in China, with domain investors making high volume domain registrations in the last few months.

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Jan 062016

premium domain names

There is an intrinsic value proposition to new gTLDs. They mean to give users fresh naming possibilities and provide more meaningful Internet addresses. And to do so at much reduced prices.

Premium names before TLDs

Reduced prices? Really? This is where eyebrows start being raised. How so?

Well before the advent of new gTLDs, few suffixes offered any real ability to differentiate. Users thus looked to the second level, not the top level, for a way to get their web addresses to stand out from the crowd. So began a vicious circle of value going to the limited number of meaningful second level names since at TLD level, the only string with any real equity was .COM.


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