Feb 262018
Porsche Panamera Blockchain

Premium automaker Porsche claims to be the first to successfully test car-based blockchain applications.

Says Porsche’s Oliver Döring, financial strategist: “We can use blockchain to transfer data more quickly and securely, giving our customers more peace of mind in the future, whether they are charging, parking or need to give a third party, such as a parcel delivery agent, temporary access to the vehicle. We translate the innovative technology into direct benefits for the customer.” 

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Feb 082018
Mail TLD

The ongoing saga of the applications for the new gTLDs .CORP, .HOME and .MAIL has been resolved. During its February 4, 2018 meeting, the ICANN Board directed the organisation’s CEO to prevent these new Internet suffixes from proceeding and to refund the applicants.

The strings are considered a potential security risk due to the frequency of their use as domains in private networks. They have been on hold since the end of the 2012 new gTLD application round.

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Dec 112017
Dot WED new gTLD on Milathan Post

For the first time since the new gTLD program was launched and ICANN started adding new suffixes like .XYZ or .LONDON to the Internet root, one of companies it had granted the right to operate these new top level domains to has seen that right revoked.

As the registry operator for .WED, Atgron Inc. apparently experienced a technical problem which led ICANN to take the unprecedented step of taking .WED away and asking one of its Emergency Back-End Registry Operators (EBERO) to take over.

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Nov 282017

National country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) registries in Europe plan to either limit access to their WHOIS database or revise the terms of the contracts with their registrars and others to ensure their compliance with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force on May 25, 2018.

The Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries (CENTR) informed ICANN of this in a November 16, 2017 letter. The letter was sent in response to questions from ICANN on how European registries intended to respond to the GDPR.

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Oct 182017

A relentless drive to find new ways to improve is one of the core character traits of the team behind EURid, the manager (registry) of Europe’s Top Level Domain DotEU.

One way EURid strives to achieve this is through its Strategic Committee.

I’m very proud to have been selected by the EURid Board to join this committee. And I’m delighted to learn that Sandra Hoferichter, with whom I have worked on both the ICANN Nominating Committee and EuroDIG (the European Dialogue on Internet Governance), is also a new member of EURid’s Strategic Committee.

I look forward to helping EURid make DotEU an even stronger symbol of Europe’s online identity.

Sep 272017

The ICANN Board has a crucial decision to make this year : finding a suitable replacement for Steve Crocker. One of the “fathers of the Internet”, Crocker has chaired the ICANN Board for the last 6 years. He is term limited and can no longer serve in this position.

So at the ICANN annual general assembly (AGM) due to be held in Abu Dhabi starting October 28, the Board will be selecting a new Chair. In a drive towards greater transparency in its decision-making processes, the Board has already announced who the new Chair will be.

Current Vice Chair Cherine Chalaby will replace Steve Crocker, with former AuDA* CEO Chris Disspain replacing Chalaby as Vice Chair.

Crocker has served on the ICANN Board since 2008. Chalaby joined the Board in December 2010 and has 2 years left to run before his term ends at the 2019 ICANN AGM. He was selected to the Board by ICANN’s Nominating Committee, an independent body tasked with recruiting to half the ICANN Board and other key ICANN community groups.

*AuDA runs Australia’s Internet suffix .AU.

Sep 012017

ICANN Global Domains Division President Akram Attalah made the claim, citing his organisation’s FY18 budget, in a August 29, 2017 letter drafted in response to a proposal made by registries to reimburse some of the ICANN fees they have incurred for the right to operate new gTLDs.

The proposal, sent to ICANN in March of this year, was entitled “Registry Stakeholder Group proposal to offset new gTLD operator registry fees”. It asserted that revenue from the 2012 new gTLD round application fees would exceed ICANN’s predictions by over $96 million!

“The RySG recognizes ICANN’s reluctance to settle accounts before the smoke clears from the 2012 round and all the gTLDs are delegated and yet, ICANN is sitting on nearly $100M in applicant money that could enhance competition and consumer choice,” the RySG letter said.

In his reply, Attalah reminds registries that the 2012 round is still ongoing and that costs are therefore still to be expected.

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Jul 172017

Registries wanting to sell their wares to Chinese registrants are once again facing a tightening of the country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)’s regulations.

A few days ago, on July 6, the Ministry published a notice excluding registries that do not hold a license from MIIT from operating in China. The notice warns that from August, MIIT will ramp up its efforts to ensure that registries comply with the regulation through a new “enforcement initiative”.

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May 272017
sncf oui

In what can only be seen as a major coup for new gTLDs, the French national railway’s ecommerce website is set to ditch the .COM web address it’s used for the last 17 years in favour of its own Dot Brand.

French media are reporting that SNCF’s www.voyages-sncf.com will become www.oui.sncf in November 2017.

Oui (“yes” in French) is the base for the new branding the French railway company is to launch across its high-speed rail services starting this July.

Voyages-sncf.com is the number one ecommerce website in France, with a total of 86 million tickets sold in 2016. At peak volume last year, an incredible 240,000 tickets were sold daily through the site. Predicted 2020 revenue stands at 5 Billion euros!

May 092017

auDA, the Australian regulator of the country’s Internet suffix .AU, has appointed Bruce Tonkin to lead its “registry transformation” project.

Tonkin has just ended a 9-year stint on the ICANN Board. He was also previously Chief Strategy Officer for the Australian registrar Melbourne IT.

Before initiating its registry transformation project, auDA had been in exclusive negotiations with current back-end registry services AusRegistry to continue operating the .AU registry beyond its current contract term.

Those negotiations were ended by auDA on April 24, 2017. A tender process will now be conducted to allow auDA to build and operate its own dedicated .AU registry.