Dec 042016

This week, on December 8 and 9, the DNS Entrepreneurship Center (DNS-EC) is travelling to Cotonou, the largest city in the African country of Benin.

Set up following a memorandum of agreement signed between Egypt’s National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority and ICANN in 2014, the DNS-EC strives to develop expertise on the Domain Name System in Africa and the Middle East.

Countries in those regions are currently underrepresented in the DNS industry, either as registries or registrars. Yet there’s a very high level of interest in being more involved at a policy, technical and entrepreneurial level.

Having served as a trainer on previous DNS-EC workshops, including in North Africa, I’m really looking forward to doing this one. Over 2 days, I’ll be teaching a course on Internet Governance and more specifically how people can get involved in ICANN through groups like the Nominating Committee. But the main focus of the course will be on marketing at registry level. Using my experience as General Manager of StartingDot Registry, I will be taking the Cotonou workshop participants through various marketing-related exercises.

Around 30 participants from the local IT ecosystem are expected, including website development and service providers and the manager of the country’s ccTLD .BJ.