Oct 132016

The French government is using a new gTLD domain name for a portal designed to help people locate taxis.

Several French towns are early participants in the www.le.taxi. The site brings together several regional taxi locating apps already in use.

To be honest, www.le.taxi‘s value add isn’t all that obvious. The service itself appears to do nothing beyond presenting local taxi companies and their customer apps. Why would customers add another layer of complexity on top of using their existing taxi company’s app isn’t really explained on the www.le.taxi website.

For domain industry observers, there is also a measure of irony in seeing the French government support a portal built around one of Donuts’ new gTLDs. .TAXI is owned by the American registry operator, who since 2014 has faced off against the French government several times and in sometimes extremely tense circumstances, on the .WINE and .VIN issue.

France was at the forefront of a push against Donuts’ proposed business practices for these two TLDs, until both parties reached an agreement on how to protect such rights as appellations, a key factor for the French wine industry.

Both .WINE and .VIN are now operational on the Net, and France’s support of www.le.taxi suggests the hatchet is definitely buried between that country’s government and Donuts.