Jun 072016
Orange Logo

An example of a new gTLD actually being used, and a brand TLD at that, with telecom heavyweight Orange’s activation of http://startup.orange as a showcase for the company’s innovation support services.

This is in addition to http://entrepreneurclub.orange and http://airbox.orange/, the former being rerouted to a complex equivalent .COM address whilst the latter is not currently in public use.


Orange is also using its http://startup.orange address as a redirect to a more complex .COM-based URL, which seems both a pity and to be missing the whole point of offering a shorter, more easily memorable newgTLD Web address.

But no doubt as these new addresses gain visibility and Internet users grow more aware of them, corporations like Orange will feel more comfortable using them outright.

In fact, these forays into new gTLD use by major players are an undeniable boost to building a universal awareness for the new generation of Web addresses…