Mar 142016

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September 2017 will see a major event for the global architecture community when the International Union of Architects (UIA) Congress opens in Seoul, South Korea.

UIA World Congresses are now held every 3 years, with a total of 24 having been organised since the UIA’s inception in 1948.

They act as a forum for the world’s architects. Thousands of participants attend to learn and discuss major architecture topics over 7 full working days of plenaries, conferences, roundtables and social events.

Since the last congress, held in Durban (South Africa), the architecture community has seen a digital revolution through the creation of its very own Internet address. Launched in June 2014, .ARCHI is a new Internet suffix designed as a label for professional architects on the Web.

Already used by thousands of architects globally, .ARCHI domain names are the official symbol of architectural content online. By using Internet addresses ending in .ARCHI for their websites or emails, architects can reach a greater and more engaged audience that recognizes them as a unique online destination for architecture-related content.

UIA has supported .ARCHI from the start and has logically chosen a .ARCHI address for its Seoul World Architects Congress, already online through the Web address.