Jan 042016


Namescon 2016

In a week’s time, Namescon is back in Las Vegas. As revealed by The Milathan Post after the 2015 event, proved so successful that a follow-up was a cert. Same time, same place, this year Namescon is back at the same venue, the Tropicana hotel, with an agenda that looks even better.

It’s going to be a packed 4 days for the more than one thousand expected attendees.

Buying and selling domains, maximising their values, understanding the legal ramifications of dealing in domain names, getting a handle on the domain ecosystem’s unique governance structure and even going behind the scenes at registries and registrars to see how their operate… the list of topics covered by the Namescon 2016 agenda is just mouth watering.

There are two agenda items we’d like to flag specifically.

The first is Sunday’s 1pm Topic Table B, which will offer guidance on how to better interact with ICANN, including applying for key leadership positions in the organisation through the Nominating Committee.

Then at 1:40pm on Tuesday January 12, ICANN Nominating Committee Chair Stéphane Van Gelder will offer more details on making full use of the opportunities offered by the NomCom for anyone to become a community volunteer, helping shape domain name governance through ICANN’s core mission of looking after the Domain Name System, IP addresses and the technical protocols that help make these identifiers work.