Jan 112016
Namescon 2016 Milathan Photo

Namescon 2016 is a packed event

The size and scope of Namescon 2016 is taking many by surprise. The event has grown at least 30% from last year, both in terms of attendance and the floor space it occupies at the Las Vegas Tropicana Hotel convention centre.

The Sunday program – the first day of the conference – gives a good insight into how rich and diverse this event is becoming. To the extent that the topic tables had to be moved from their initial ground floor locations to the first floor because too many people wanted to participate.

These topic tables provided a great opportunity to have open discussion sessions around specific topics as diverse as domain parking, estimating a domain name’s worth, the Chinese market, legal aspects of domaining and even engaging with ICANN and understanding how to apply for an ICANN volunteer position through the Nominating Committee.

The many discussion topics are certainly factoring into Namescon 2016’s success. Another factor seems to be the fact that the next ICANN meeting is happening in March in Marrakech (Morocco). For US travelers, this is an expensive trip to make and it appears many have chosen to go to Namescon instead, with ICANN 56 happening in Panama City in June being their next planned major domain-related event.