Jul 302015

Bursting 2

Following a recent clarification from Google on how new gTLDs impact search results, Industry online magazine Trademarks & Brands Online ran a feature titled “busting the gTLD search myth”.

Milathan Chairman Stéphane Van Gelder was interviewed and quoted in the feature in his capacity as Executive Vice President of new gTLD registry StartingDot (operator of .archi, .bio and .ski).

Read the feature here.

Jul 202015


A news story recently published in the UK media and claiming that ICANN had a hand in skewing the results of an ongoing battle over who should operate the new gTLD .africa sparked off a plea from Milathan Chairman Stéphane Van Gelder that the community should act as a control rod for “ICANN’s tendency to go into full meltdown mode and play God”.

Read the full article on CircleID.

Jul 062015


The Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is the mechanism upon which the new gTLD (generic Top Level Domains) program’s official rights protection system is built. The database stores all trademarks that have been submitted by prior rights holders for protection in the new Internet suffixes that began to roll out in 2014.

Operated by Financial Consulting giant Deloitte, the TMCH has teamed up with .ski registry operator StartingDot to hold a webinar on the snowsports TLD’s Sunrise priority registration period which began on July 1 and will end on August 30, 2015.

Participants will learn about .ski in general and the .ski Sunrise in particular.

The webinar will be held tomorrow, Tuesday 7 July, at 15:00 UTC. Register here.

Jul 032015


In a message sent to a number of Internet community email lists on June 28, ICANN Board member George Sadowsky confirmed the formation of a search committee for the person set to replace current ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé, whom a few weeks ago announced his intention to leave.

“We’ve opened an e-mail address for interested parties, ceo-search-cmte-only@icann.org, in order to collect comments regarding the search, the qualifications of candidates, the job description, and the special characteristics of best applicants,” Sadowsky wrote in his email. “It’s open until July 12, 2015. Please feel free to contribute your views. You should also have no hesitation in spreading the word about the search and suggest strong candidates for consideration when the job specifics are available.”

Jul 012015

The new gTLD .ski launching July 1, 2015. Now we can all be ski!

It’s been a long run, but it’s all downhill from here! After 2 years ICANN, the organisation in charge of managing the global Internet’s namespace, has given .ski the green light. From today, July 1st, the first ever Internet address dedicated to the ski and snowsports community is now live.

Operated by Dublin-headquartered company StartingDot, .ski becomes available today for trademark holders through a 60-day “sunrise” period running from July 1 to August 30, 2015.

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