Jun 122015

Texas representative Blake Farenthold penned the letter to ICANN.

It’s quite the letter that’s just been sent to ICANN’s leadership by a selection of US congressmen. One that warns against governmental attempts to interfere in the normal business of bottom-up policy development for the Internet’s naming and addressing functions.

The letter points a finger at recent Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) circumventions of policies established by the community, like the release of country and territory names, or of 2-character domains, in new gTLDs. Continue reading »

Jun 102015


In a blog post published today, .ski registry StartingDot examines how the TLD will benefit the community which it aims to serve.

The post provides concrete examples of these benefits, examining the scarcity of legacy names for snowsports community members, comparing prices for existing .com names versus buying opportunities in the upcoming TLD (Sunrise starts in July) and highlighting the strong links between the community and its banner TLD.

Read the post here.

Jun 022015


Le deuxième Forum Gouvernance Internet France s’est tenu aujourd’hui (2 juin 2015) à l’université Paris Descartes.

Programme riche, discussions intenses, intervenants VIP dont la Secrétaire d’Etat au Numérique Axelle Lemaire, cette 2ème édition a rencontré un vif succès.

Membre du comité d’organisation pour la 2ème année consécutive, Milathan est fier d’y avoir participé.