Apr 162015


Registry operator StartingDot is planning to roll-out .ski before the end of the year.

The company already runs .archi (architects of all types, including IT architects) and .bio (organic foods, biographies, bio tech…), and expects great things for .ski. “.Ski brings choice, innovation and expansion to global snowsports like no other web address.” argues Godefroy Jordan, StartingDot CEO. “It has already generated huge interest from both the snowsports community and the domain name industry. We are gearing up for a huge launch as we are confident our community-based approach and the strong marketing focus we are planning for .ski in the coming months will lead to strong adoption and usage of this address.”

StartingDot says .ski will be open to brands, businesses, professionals, skiers, athletes and anyone passionate about snowsports, at a recommended yearly registration fee of around t $45 USD per name.

The .ski Sunrise is expected to start in July 2015.