Apr 282015


French IT minister Axelle Lemaire, a staunch critic of ICANN, is celebrating the creation of the United Nations’ agency for information and communication technologies: the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

“150 years ago, on May 17, 1865, this was one of the first international organisations to be created. France is a supporter of this organisation. For the last 150 years, it has helped businesses and governments understand and make the most of the increasingly rapid development of these communications technologies, from the telegraph to today’s mobile telephony.”

Attending the birthday celebrations, French minister for foreign trade Matthias Fekl commented: “The multilateral approach remains the most effective and legitimate way of addressing the issues of normalisation.”

“Every day, the ITU serves as a reminder that a multistakeholder approach which includes civil society, the private sector and governments is a must for the digital economy,” added Lemaire. “This is the way Internet Governance should also work.”

For ICANN, both minister’s comments can only be read as slights. To simplify, the multilateral approach is one where governments are the decision makers. Conversely, the multistakeholder approach gives everyone a voice but no-one enjoys a louder voice than any other party. This has been championed by ICANN since its inception in 1998.

Lemaire’s implication that instead, it is the ITU that serves as the best example of multistakeholderism at work will probably elicit a few gasps of disbelief from the ICANN community…

Apr 262015

BuildingA quick first look at the venue for ICANN’s Annual General Meeting 2015, the organisation’s 54th International Meeting, scheduled to be held at the Dublin Convention Centre (CCD) the week of October 18th.


Along with StartingDot, Milathan paid a recent visit to the venue, an impressive building located in the very modern docklands district of Dublin, Ireland.


With its glass façade and complex interior, the CCD is architecturally advanced – a perfect fit for one of the TLDs championed by Starting Dot: .archi. Designed by Irish-born architect Kevin Roche, who now lives in the States, the building was opened in 2010.


Apr 162015


Registry operator StartingDot is planning to roll-out .ski before the end of the year.

The company already runs .archi (architects of all types, including IT architects) and .bio (organic foods, biographies, bio tech…), and expects great things for .ski. “.Ski brings choice, innovation and expansion to global snowsports like no other web address.” argues Godefroy Jordan, StartingDot CEO. “It has already generated huge interest from both the snowsports community and the domain name industry. We are gearing up for a huge launch as we are confident our community-based approach and the strong marketing focus we are planning for .ski in the coming months will lead to strong adoption and usage of this address.”

StartingDot says .ski will be open to brands, businesses, professionals, skiers, athletes and anyone passionate about snowsports, at a recommended yearly registration fee of around t $45 USD per name.

The .ski Sunrise is expected to start in July 2015.

Apr 072015


Starting Dot, the registry operator for .bio, .archi and .ski, has launched a chart of the best selling premium new gTLDs. According to Starting Dot, premium gTLDs are the domain industry’s luxury goods.

They require more investment in marketing and branding, but for Web users, they carry a much greater recognition factor. One which is similar to the edge a luxury watch or car will enjoy over a standard car, even though both are in the same industry.

Read more over on CircleID.

Download Starting Dot’s Premium TLD 50 ranking.

Apr 062015


The date has at last been set for the introduction of a new content publishing platform on the Internet. The fledgling Frogans Technology will take its first steps on April 15, at noon UTC, when a new type of Internet address – Frogans Addresses – becomes available for registration.

Frogans Addresses are used to access Frogans Sites. These are designed to be easier to create, and to use, whatever the device, language or screen size.

Trademark holders will be the first to be able to secure the new Frogans Addresses. They will enjoy a 2-month priority registration period before Frogans Addresses become available to all.

Read the Frogans Technology announcement here.

Apr 012015


What would a mirror image of Google’s site look like, domain name included? Putting its own gTLD .google to great use, the search engine giant has opened up a reverse website where the domain name is real, the searches are real, but everything is a mirror image of the real world.

Beyond the joke, Google’s mirror site is a powerful spotlight being shone on new gTLDs.

Apr 012015


Latest Street rumours suggest GoDaddy’s IPO will happen today at $20 a share. A price range between $17 and $19 a share had been expected for the 23 million shares being offered.

The $20 price values the company at around $4.5 billion. GoDaddy shares are expected to begin trading today under the ticker GDDY.