Mar 262015

ICANN newgTLD auctions

As it moves ahead with its programme to resolve contention sets on new gTLD applications, ICANN has released the results of its two latest auctions.

Best earner was .ping, won by Ping Registry Provider, Inc. with a $1,501,000 bid.

German company mySRL GmbH won the right to operate .srl for $400,000.

Both were two-applicant auctions (past results show that the higher the number of applicants vying for a particular TLD, the higher the price that TLD ends up going for).

According to ICANN, the task of sorting out contention sets (i.e. groups where more than one applicant has applied for the same string) is almost complete, with 197 of 233 cases now resolved.

Most of those sorted themselves out, either through private auctions or direct negotiation. Only 13 contention sets have gone as far as ICANN’s public auctions, which is the way Google won .app last month for a record breaking $25 million.

The next ICANN auction is planned for April 29, 2015. TLDs .map, .living, .search and .fun will be up for grabs.