Mar 132015


.com operator Verisign’s latest report puts global domain names at a total of 288 million, 4 million more than the previous quarter. Overall, the Internet’s namespace grew by 16.9 million names in 2014, a 6.2% increase.

Comparatively, the rate of growth is higher for country codes. Total ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) numbers were at 134 million at the end of last year, an 8.7 % increase. Tokelau’s free .tk remains the biggest ccTLD by registration volume, with .de (Germany) following and .cn (China) in third ahead of .uk (United Kingdom), .ru (Russia), .nl (Holland), .eu (Europe), .br (Brazil), .au (Australia) and .fr (France).

Total numbers for .com stood at 115.6 million on December 31, 2014, whilst .net had 15 million names. Together, .com and .net put on 8.2 million names in Q4 2014, exactly the same growth they had experienced a year earlier in Q4 2013.

2014 ended with 478 new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domain) in the Internet root and a total of 3.6 domain names registered in those new suffixes. That’s 2.3 % of the gTLD space.

Lastly, Verisign claims that 2014 closed with approximately 40% of the planet connected to the Internet.