Feb 262015

ICANN newgTLD auctions

ICANN’s new gTLD program still has many doubters out there but clearly, Google isn’t one of them.

The Net giant just shelled out a whopping $25 million to win the ICANN auction for the most applied-for TLD ever. When the 1930 new gTLD round 1 applications were revealed by ICANN in June 2012, no less than 13 submissions had been received to operate .app!

Google beat .info registry Afilias, Amazon, new gTLD heavyweight Donuts and even tech investor Straat.co in the .app auction.

The previous highest price paid during an ICANN auction was $6.760 million for .tech. That was paid in September 2014 by Radix, an Indian registry operator who was also in contention for .app in yesterday’s auction.

Feb 022015

Lawrence E. Strickling, secrétaire d’état au numérique au sein de l’administration Obama.


Les US ne vont pas relâcher leur contrôle de la racine de l’Internet au 30 septembre 2015, comme initialement prévu. D’un part parce que le plan de transition n’est pas prêt. Mais aussi parce que le congrès américain l’a interdit !

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