Jan 232015


Verisign’s latest report, for the third quarter of 2014, shows there are now 284 million domain names registered worldwide. Year over year, that’s an increase of 18.1 million names, or 6.8%. At that rate, the world’s domain count should reach 300 million sometime in 2015.

Largest TLDs by registration volumes remain .com followed by Tokelau’s .tk, Germany’s .de, .net, China’s .cn, the United Kindgom’s .uk, .org, the Russian Federation’s .ru, .info and the Netherlands’ .nl.

Verisign’s figures also show that there were 413 new gTLDs delegated by the end of Q3 2014, with registrations in those TLDs totalling 2 million. Largest new gTLDs were .xyz and .club.

The report, compiled with figures up to September 30, 2014, also shows there are 285 ccTLDs in the Internet root, including IDN (non-ASCII) TLDs such as Russia’s Cyrillic domain.