Jan 112015


Despite nudging 4 million registrations, new gTLDs have yet to make a dent on legacy TLDs as far as monetizing traffic goes. That was the takeaway from one of Namescon’s first day sessions, as Above.com’s Victor Pitts suggested new gTLD use would grow over time.

“Right now, people just aren’t typing those types of names in,” Pitts suggested. “Domain investment platforms like our own do accept them, but there’s very little direct navigation towards those new web addresses.”

Voodoo.com’s Donny Simonton underscored Pitts’ comments by providing great insight into what we at Milathan call the “monetization imbalance” that currently exists between legacy and new gTLD domains.

“We ran a 24 hour snapshot of traffic monetization over our own platform recently,” Simonton said. “The total amount from .com domains being monetized on that single days was over 70,000 USD. By comparison, the top ranking newgTLD was made just over 2 USD! The next best-ranking new gTLD only made 2 cents that day!”

But it isn’t all gloom and doom for new gTLDs, as Pitts suggested that patience will be rewarded. “There are some great keywords to be had in new gTLDs,” he concluded. “As soon as people get used to typing them into their address bars, you’ll see that traffic build up.”