Jan 072015

The .net zonefile, as of week 1, January 2015, courtesy of registry Verisign.

The .net zonefile dropped below the 15 million registered domain mark at the start of January 2015.

Being one of the triumvirate of legacy TLDs universally associated with the Internet itself, .net is considered by many to be as robust as .com and .net. So what’s happening?

In the aftermath of the bubble bursting at the start of the century, .net had been growing steadily along with the rest of the Internet’s namespace. Mid-2013, it passed 15 million registrations as its registry operator Verisign reminded the world that the first ever domain name was actually a .net, nordu.net.

TheDomains’ Michael Berkens reckons the current trend is a knock-on effect of hundreds of new gTLDs hitting the market. He notes that whilst .com gained some 3.3 million names in 2014, .info fell below 5.5 million, .org dipped under 10.5 million, .biz dropped to less than 2.4 million and .us went lower than 1.8 million.