Jan 232015


Imagined as a follow-on to Brazil’s Net Mundial meeting held in April 2014, the Net Mundial Initiative (NMI) has generated more controversy than consensus since it was announced late last year.

Having the World Economic Forum (WEF) as one of NMI’s founding partners (alongside the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee and ICANN) has done little to quell fears that this initiative is just another power grab from elites more concerned with their own status than the Internet’s well being.

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Jan 212015

publicité point paris

Initial registrant stats for .paris show that 49% of registrants in the first 24 hours of the TLD’s general availability (GA) were from the Paris region.

The French Capital’s TLD (Top Level Domain) opened for GA on December 2, 2014 at 14:00 French time. 80% of registrations recorded on that day were made within the first hour of operations.

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Jan 152015

NamesCon’s Jothan Frakes (Milathan photo)

The NamesCon team led by Jothan Frakes and Richard Lau ended up printing just over 900 badges for the 4-day domain industry conference.

That confirms the Las Vegas event‘s status as one of the largest outside of ICANN meetings. “There will be a NamesCon 2016,” Frakes told Milathan at the close of the conference. “We expect to schedule it around the same time period, and possibly at the same Tropicana Las Vegas venue.”

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Jan 142015

Uniregistry’s Frank Schilling (Milathan photo).


Uniregistry’s Frank Schilling handed out a message of strong optimism at the domain industry event Namescon, in Vegas today.

“This event is twice the size of last year’s and yet I think it’s the last of the ‘small Namescons’,” Schilling said. “We’ll have twice as many people again next year. This industry is growing. I see growth on every side.”

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Jan 112015

NamesconMilathan is attending Namescon this week in Las Vegas.

Launched last year, the conference cofounded by industry veterans Richard Lau and Jothan Frakes has already become one of the biggest non-ICANN domain-related events around. “We’re at over 900 attendees going into tomorrow’s opening day,” Frakes told Milathan today. “The expansion of the namespace through the new gTLD program is generating strong interest. We’ve even got people attending Namescon as a follow-up to last week’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) which was held here in Vegas!”

Domain investors and developers often intersect with the policy-makers because they are on the receiving end of rules that may appear needlessly complicated or burdensome. If ICANN was Capitol Hill, Namescon would be like your local town hall. This is where domain ownership gets real.

As proof that no, the domain world isn’t all about politics, over the next 4 days, Namescon will be all about learning and understanding how to actually make money through domain name ownership. Far from the policy development environment ICANN insiders are used to, there’s a whole ecosystem out there focussed on actually using the domain names they register.

Namescon 2015 has around 150 speakers, panelists and moderators presenting sessions from Chinese domains to what to do if you’re getting sued over a domain you own!

See the full Namescon schedule here, including a domain auction on Tuesday.

Jan 072015

The .net zonefile, as of week 1, January 2015, courtesy of registry Verisign.

The .net zonefile dropped below the 15 million registered domain mark at the start of January 2015.

Being one of the triumvirate of legacy TLDs universally associated with the Internet itself, .net is considered by many to be as robust as .com and .net. So what’s happening?

In the aftermath of the bubble bursting at the start of the century, .net had been growing steadily along with the rest of the Internet’s namespace. Mid-2013, it passed 15 million registrations as its registry operator Verisign reminded the world that the first ever domain name was actually a .net, nordu.net.

TheDomains’ Michael Berkens reckons the current trend is a knock-on effect of hundreds of new gTLDs hitting the market. He notes that whilst .com gained some 3.3 million names in 2014, .info fell below 5.5 million, .org dipped under 10.5 million, .biz dropped to less than 2.4 million and .us went lower than 1.8 million.

Jan 052015

NamesconAs the first conference of the year for what is fast becoming a very complex industry, Namescon 2015 (Las Vegas from January 11 to 14) is committed to ensuring users have a better understanding of the new domain name opportunities coming to market.

The hundreds of new gTLDs now live offer a vast variety of domain choices. But some go deeper than that and act as gateways for innovation and technological development. TLDs like .frogans, set up to secure the technical infrastructure for an ambitious new content publishing technology.

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