Dec 222014
publicité point paris

Une publicité de la mairie de Paris pour le .paris, dans les rues dans la capitale.

L’extension Internet .Paris est disponible pour tous depuis le 2 décembre dernier. Un événement dont se félicite la mairie, qui indique faire mieux que Tokyo et Londres. Une affirmation pourtant démentie par les chiffres…

En matière d’extensions Internet, il en serait donc comme pour les manifestations. Il y a les chiffres officiels… et la réalité.

Lire la suite sur le Huffington Post.

Dec 172014


ICANN is warning users of its systems that a November phishing attack may have resulted in personal information being stolen. “ICANN is investigating a recent intrusion into our systems,” warns the organisation in an email sent out today, December 17, 2014. “We believe a “spear phishing” attack was initiated in late November 2014. It involved email messages that were crafted to appear to come from our own domain being sent to members of our staff. The attack resulted in the compromise of the email credentials of several ICANN staff members.”

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Dec 142014
Milathan at Domain Forum

Milathan presenting alongside Domains Bot at the 2014 Domains Forum conference.

During the 2014 Domain Forum conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, Milathan shared a panel with domain suggestion engine specialists Domains Bot. During the panel, Domains Bot Chief Strategy Officer Daniel Mejia shared some fascinating insight into how the new domains are actually being used one year on from the first new gTLDs going into the root.

Using Domains Bot’s technology, 2,961,792 domains were scanned on November 7, 2014. According to, the total base of registered new gTLDs that day was 3,138,497, so almost 96% of new gTLD domains were scanned, providing a comprehensive snapshot of their use.

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Dec 122014


Domain Incite reports that the first company to stop using its .COM web address in favour of its own Dot Brand TLD has now backtracked.

Chinese company Citic had started using as its main web address in September, but has now reverted to

The new gTLD domain no longer resolves at all.

The start of a trend or just a one-off decision?

Dec 092014

open-leadership-positions-960x720-14nov14-enThis just in from ICANN:

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ (ICANN) Nominating Committee (NomCom) invites interested individuals to submit applications and/or to recommend candidates for ICANN‘s key leadership positions. Applications in 2015 are invited for the following positions:

  • Three members of the ICANN Board of Directors
  • Three At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) representatives (one each from the Africa, Asia/Australia/Pacific Islands and Latin America/Caribbean Islands regions)
  • Two members of the Council of the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO)
  • One member of the Council of the Country-Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO)

Individuals selected by the NomCom will have a unique opportunity to work with accomplished colleagues from around the globe and help shape the Internet’s technical coordination and policy development.

Those selected will also gain valuable insights and experience from working across boundaries of knowledge, responsibility, culture and geography. They will be making a valuable public service contribution towards the functioning and evolution of this essential global resource. Guided by the broad public interest, those selected will work to fulfill ICANN‘s mission to coordinate the global Internet’s systems of unique identifiers, and in particular to ensure its stable and secure operation.

See the announcement for how to apply.

Dec 052014
Mikhail Anisimov, Dot RF

Mikhail Anisimov, Deputy Head of Information department for .PΦ, discussing the Russian IDN ccTLD’s success at Domain Forum in Bulgaria.

During a panel on the multilingual Internet at this year’s Domain Forum in Sofia, Bulgaria, Deputy Head of Information Department for the IDN ccTLD .PΦ Mikhail Anisimov argued that the reason Russia’s Cyrillic TLD (launched on November 11, 2010) is such a success is because it’s first and foremost aimed at users rather than businesses.

“It was planned and designed for Russians,” Anisimov explained. “We had support from our government to do major awareness campaigns so that when .PΦ launched, most prospective registrants in Russia had actually heard of it. We really used every possible marketing tool at our disposal to get the word out.”

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Dec 032014
Stéphane Van Gelder at Domain Forum 2011

Milathan Chairman Stéphane Van Gelder speaking at Bulgaria’s Domain Forum in 2011

In two days’ time, Milathan will once again be part of Domain Forum in Sofia, Bulgaria. The yearly event continues to provide eastern Europeans with valuable insights on the domain name industry. And this year, with the new gTLDs now out in force, it’s embraced the new trend by switching to a Dot GLOBAL domain name.

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Dec 012014

A specific dispute resolution procedure has been developed for Frogans addresses.

Système complet et d’envergure, celui de la technologie Frogans comprend son propre espace de nommage. Lorsqu’ils seront déployés courant 2015, les sites Frogans seront en effet accessibles par le biais d’identifiants spécifiques appelés adresses Frogans.

Les premières périodes d’enregistrement de ces adresses devraient ouvrir prochainement. Autant d’opportunités pour les ayants droits de sécuriser prioritairement leurs adresses Frogans.

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