Nov 012014
Fadi Chehade, ICANN President and CEO

ICANN paid USD 363,083.20 for CEO Fadi Chehadé’s travel in Fiscal Year 2014.

Even diehard ICANN critics would be hard pressed to finger this report for lack of transparency. ICANN has just released a list of the reimbursements it has made for expenses incurred by its directors. From July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 the report shows how much Board members were paid in expense reimbursements, how much was paid on their behalf to cover their travel costs, and the level of their compensation.

Board members are eligible to receive an annual compensation of USD 35,000. Those directors who also chair a Board committee are awarded an extra USD 5,000 per committee. The Board Chair gets USD 75,000 in annual compensation.

Considering the amount of work ICANN Board members generally put in, those compensation levels actually appear quite low. However, they are often but a fraction of the total cost to the community of each director’s service. With meetings (there were 7 face to face Board meetings in FY14 and some directors were also supported to travel to other meetings such as the Internet Governance Forum or NetMundial) and expenses, those costs can quickly add up.

In FY14, they ranged from USD 10,621.61 for Judith Vasquez, who resigned from the Board during that fiscal year and therefore did not attend all meetings, to USD 181,725.75 for Chris Disspain, including USD 142,182.93 in expense reimbursements.

The report also lists the payments made to ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé. His base salary for the period was USD 559,999.92, to which was added a USD 253,826.62 bonus for at-risk pay. His expense reimbursement ran to USD 156,338.23 whilst payments made on his behalf by the organisation for travel costs were USD 363,083.20.