Nov 262014
Nissan 370Z Nismo 2015

Japanese carmaker’s sportier models are called “Z cars”.

Two of the industries Milathan is active in have come together with the high value sale of one of the Internet’s only 3 one-letter .COM domain names.

For car enthusiasts, the letter Z has become synonymous with Japanese carmaker Nissan’s sportier models, such as the 370Z. Even though the company does not own nissan .com (see Whois entry for the domain below), it was able to secure and use it to promote this line of premium products.

z whois

Nissan has apparently not reaped as much benefit from operating as anticipated. Hence the decision to sell this valuable piece of Internet real estate. On November 21, 2014, GMO Internet, Japan’s largest registrar, announced the purchase of from Nissan for 800 million Japanese Yen (around €5.45 million or US$6.8 million).

The high price reflects the rarity of single-letter .COM names. The only other two in service are, operated by eBay, and, operated by Century Link. already resolves to a GMO website. The company says it will use its newly acquired web address to spearhead its global growth strategy.