Oct 232014

New gTLD jackpot?

ICANN has published the results of the September and October auctions and clearly, the desire to pay top dollar for a new gTLD has not abated.

The auction run on September 17, 2014 saw Amazon pay $4,588,888 for .BUY, Dot Tech LLC $6,760,000 for .TECH and Minds & Machines $3,000,888 for .VIP.

On October 22, Fegistry paid $5,588,888 for .REALTY, Donuts $5,100,575 for .SALON and Amazon $2,200,000 for .SPOT.

Considering there are currently 2.8 million domains registered in new gTLDs (ICANN’s initial estimates were for 30 million by mid-2015), and only one new gTLD operator has reached the million registered names milestone, paying so much money for a new gTLD may appear difficult to justify.

On the other hand, with a next application round already a trending topic, the new gTLDs up for grabs now may soon become premium virtual real estate if thousands more are approved in the next few years…