Oct 112014


ICANN has just posted a report of the new gTLD application evaluation training and quality program.

The program is designed to help measure and improve several aspects of the process used to evaluate the 1930 applications received in 2012 including its consistency, accuracy and the match between the expected process and what applicants actually had to deal with.

The quality measurement work was done by an independent firm and concludes that although the new gTLD program resulted in the successful evaluation of over 1900 applications from all over the world, a number of improvements should be built into the second round.

For example, the 19-page report advises that future application questions should be made clearer so that applicants have a better understanding of what’s expected of them and do not “over-respond”, leading to more effort having to be put into the “clarification questions” phase.

It also recommends that future rounds do not publish detailed results of the numerical scores earned by evaluated applicants, restricting themselves to “pass” or “fail” results instead to avoid the inconsistencies of the first round’s numerical scoring.

The report argues that “the lack of structured application data was an impediment during evaluation; future application rounds should capture data in a more structured format, greatly facilitating evaluation, quality reviews, and subsequent processes like contracting.”

The full report can be downloaded here.