Oct 272014


ICANN has released a statement confirming the news broken by The Milathan Post over a week ago. The organisation’s 52nd International Meeting planned for Morocco on February 8-12, 2015 may not happen.

ICANN is refusing to confirm Marrakech’s cancellation, but we understand the chances of the meeting happening are now almost zero.

More surprising is the fact that ICANN may be considering simply scrapping the meeting altogether and only holding 2 international events next year instead of the usual 3. That would not go down well with a community that is still smarting from a recent decision to shorten the weeklong meeting agendas by a day.

Where ICANN meetings used to go from Monday to Friday, they now end on a Thursday. Many ICANN groups have found this new schedule gruelling as they struggle to fit their workload into the shortened agenda. Loosing a meeting altogether in 2015 would only make matters worse in this regard.