Oct 172014


As it completes its work at the close of ICANN’s 2014 Annual General Meeting, the 2014 has posted its final report.

The 23-page report provides detailed insight into the way the 2014 NomCom selected the 6 individuals it has placed in key ICANN leadership positions, on the Board, the councils of the ccNSO and the GNSO, and ALAC.

It includes regional and diversity breakdowns of the people who applied during the 2014 NomCom cycle and insight on how the NomCom works during over the five phases of its yearly cycle.

The 2014 NomCom has also published the results of internal reviews carried out on the members of the committee. An initiative of the 2014 committee, it’s the first time the NomCom has reviewed itself in this way and is a drive towards accountability for the organisations that send people to serve on the NomCom, and the community as a whole.