Sep 012014

In an animated video designed to be easily understood by all, the US government is warning against the dangers currently faced by the “the innovative, open network we know as the Internet”.


“The existing model of Internet governance is driven by the Web’s most active and engaged communities such as engineers, software developers, academics, the private sector, civil society, and government representatives,” wrote Daniel A. Sepulveda,the US Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy, in an email sent out today, September 1, 2014.

“Some want to radically change this approach by centralizing control over the Internet, effectively giving government actors sole authority over the choices that affect the Internet’s future. So if you care about the future of the Internet, take a quick look at this video and share it with your network.”

Ambassador Sepulveda’s email concludes with the byline: “The Internet belongs to everyone–let’s keep it that way.”

The email is being sent as government representatives, civil society, the private sector and a host of other interested parties converge on Istanbul, Turkey, for the 9th Internet Governance Forum where issues critical to Internet governance are discussed.