Sep 242014

Frogans Technology Conference 1, May 2014

The 2nd Frogans Technology Conference will be held in Paris on September 29-30.

The full program is now online. Presentations will cover the upcoming roll-out of the innovative software layer. Several guest speakers are lined up,  including Frogans Tech early adopters and partners such as the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) who will be handling dispute resolution for the Frogans Addresses.

Attendance is free. The conference will also be streamed live. Any wishing to interact remotely can do so via Twitter using the handle @FrogansTech or the hash tag #frogans.

Sep 222014
Management Sept 2014

En page 42 du Management de septembre 2014, la question de la gouvernance de l’Internet est posée.

Dans son numéro de septembre 2014, Management s’intéresse aux tensions actuelles dans le monde de la gouvernance de l’Internet. En gros plan, le fonctionnement de l’ICANN et la guerre des noms de domaine.

Stéphane Van Gelder de Milathan et Godefroy Jordan de Starting Dot y sont interviewés.

Sep 222014

Milathan Car Flying

Yes, we know. It sounds like the slogan from a building society advert. But it also fits the bill. The way we are constantly pushing to offer the very best and reach the highest levels of expertise in helping our clients manage their identities online. That’s also the way we go racing.

Milathan is supporting an Endurance (long distance) racing team in one of the most competitive championships in the national racing scene. Why are we doing it? Because it takes teamwork, stamina, inventiveness, skill and determination. To us, core values.

Just look at this shot taken from one of the races this year to see how hard we are willing to try!

Sep 222014


Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants a plan to cut his country off from the Internet

Days after ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé warned of the risk of Internet fragmentation if governments are not made to feel current Internet Governance mechanisms are working, a Russian newspaper has revealed secret Kremlin plans to isolate the country from the Internet.

The plan, discussed today (Monday September 22, 2014) by president Vladimir Putin with his security council, would also see the state take back control of the .RU, .SU and рф domains currently managed by an independent registry.

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Sep 122014

Stephane Van Gelder NomCom

During its September 9, 2014 meeting, the ICANN Board selected Milathan Chairman Stéphane Van Gelder as Chair of the 2015 Nominating Committee (NomCom).

Van Gelder was a member of the 2013 NomCom and served as Chair Elect (also an ICANN Board appointment) for the 2014 NomCom.

The 2015 NomCom will begin its work In Los Angeles, immediately after the close of ICANN’s 51st International Meeting due to be held in mid-October.

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Sep 072014

Frogans Technology Conference 1, May 2014Le projet Frogans d’introduction d’une nouvelle couche logicielle sur Internet continue de prendre forme. La 2eme Frogans Technology Conference est programmée pour les 29 et 30 septembre prochain à Paris.

En mai dernier, la première conférence de ce type avait permis de mieux découvrir la technologie Frogans, développée depuis 1999 pour offrir de nouveaux types de sites : plus légers, plus compacts, plus multilingues et plus multiplateformes. Bref, des sites mieux adaptés aux besoins actuels des utilisateurs d’Internet.

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