Aug 252014

NCThe ICANN Board Working Group on the Nominating Committee has posted its recommendations on improvements to the group in charge of making selections to the Board, the GNSO and ccNSO Councils and ALAC.

The 10-page report list 15 recommendations, to be considered by the ICANN Board after a period of public comment. These are therefore not final and still subject to change.

If followed, the recommendations will lead to sweeping changes for the NomCom, including:

  • Expanding the NomCom’s composition (currently 15 voting members, 3 non-voting members and 3 non-voting Chairs) of 21 to about 25 people.
  • Institute a delegation structure on the NomCom which is not unlike, in principle, the current StakeholderGroup/Constituency structure of the GNSO.
  • Delete the Chair Elect position to leave a maximum of two NomCom Chairs: the Chair and the Associate Chair.
  • Extend all NomCom terms from one to two years, but remove the possibility for members to carry out two consecutive terms.
  • Give all committee members, apart from the Chairs, a vote.

The recommendations are bound to generate discussion, as they do not seem to take full account the extensive work done by the NomCom since 2013 to make itself more transparent and more effective.

An open session on the Board Working Group’s recommendations is expected to take place at the next ICANN meeting, in Los Angeles, in October.

Whatever the outcome, there doesn’t seem to be sufficient time to bring any of these proposed changes to the NomCom for the upcoming term (2015), which is also scheduled to start in Los Angeles.