Aug 162014


“If you want to transition the Internet root, it helps if you first understand what the Internet root is and how it evolved into the way it is managed today.”

This could be ICANN’s Stability and Security Advisory Committee’s message to the ICANN leadership as it delivers a 42-page “overview and history of the IANA function”.

It makes fascinating reading for anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of how the Internet root is managed, how this was done before the was any Internet Assigned Numbers Authority or related contracts and functions, how the root zone and Internet numbers registry is managed, and exactly what IANA does (including work that falls outside its contract with the US government’s NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration)).

At a time when NTIA has agreed to relinquish its control over the Internet root and asked ICANN to transition that control to a new, as yet undefined, entity, SSAC’s report provides critical insight into how we got here. It may also help the Internet community make the right decisions on where we go from here.