Aug 282014
ICANN Studienkreis Bulgaria

Discussions at the 14th meeting of the ICANN Studienkreis in Sofia, Bulgaria. Milathan photo.

During the opening panel of the 14th meeting of the ICANN Studienkreis held today (August 28) in Sofia, Bulgari, local registry Register.BG’s Daniel Kalchev briefly spoke about the ongoing dispute between his country and ICANN.

In February 2010, Bulgaria requested the Cyrillic version of its country code domain (.БГ) under ICANN’s IDN Fast Track program and was surprised to be turned down. ICANN’s DNS Stability Panel had found the proposed string to be confusingly similar to an existing ccTLD which at the time was thought to be Brasil’s ASCII .BR.

In Bulgaria, this refusal did not go down well at all. The country’s government carried out two separate public consultations on the subject and has publicly said it is extremely determined to push for БГ.

So what next? An extended evaluation panel process is under way to review the case once again. Bulgaria’s government put pen to paper a few months ago to once again request ICANN approve .БГ. No answer so far. “We should have had a response from the extended evaluation panel already,” says Kalchev. “But we’ve had no update from ICANN so far.”