Aug 122014


Dot COM registry Verisign has just released domain name registration figures for the first quarter of 2014.

Five million new domains were registered in the period (ending on March 31st 2014) taking the total number of domains registered, in all TLDs, to 276 million.

Year over year, that’s an increase of 7.5 % or 19.3 million names. Dot COM and Dot NET combined account for 128.5 million of the 276 million, with 113.2 million Dot COMs and 15.2 million Dot NETs.

This is the time that new gTLD data has been included to any real extent in Verisign’s figures. By the March 31st cut-off date for these Q1 2014 figures, there were 198 delegated new gTLDs (i.e. TLDs that are live on the Internet), with Dot GURU and Dot BERLIN being the largest in terms of registration volumes.