Jul 082014


UK registry Nominet is reporting encouraging figures following the launch of the country’s shorter national suffix, .UK.

The United Kingdom had up until now been using a subdomain of its country code, .CO.UK, as its main Internet address. But with new gTLDs hitting the shelves and others country codes all moving towards less restrictions and more simplicity, it was only a matter of time before the UK adopted a more direct approach.

Aptly names “direct .UK”, Nominet’s campaign to open up the British top level domain officially launched on June 10, 2014. Within 24 hours of making .UK available to all, Nominet was reporting 50,000 registrations. The UK registry has since claimed to have passed the 100,000 registration mark.

Still a long way off .CO.UK’s impressive 10.5 million plus, but not bad for a new launch at a time when domain purchasers are more than spoilt for choice as new gTLDs launch almost every day.

Existing .CO.UK owners (and owners of Britain’s other legacy namespaces .NET.UK, .ORG.UK, .ME.UK, .PLC.UK and .LTD.UK) get priority and are able to register their .UK equivalent. Nominet has wisely chosen not to rush these domain owners (and risk being accused of trying to force existing customers onto a new product). They have until June 10, 2019 to secure their equivalent .UK domain should they wish to do so. Obviously, any registrations made in one of the British subdomains after the June 10, 2014 Direct UK launch date will not be eligible for priority registration of the equivalent .UK domain name.

Milathan was one company to take advantage of the offer, doubling down on our existing milathan.co.uk domain with a milathan.uk address which is already operational.

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