Jun 102014


The Registration Directory Service (RDS) proposed by ICANN’s Expert Working Group on gTLD Directory Services (EWG) is recommending that, whilst basic WHOIS data should remain available to all, more comprehensive data only be accessed by accredited (and therefore identified) people who would say how they intend to use the data.

“The proposed RDS is designed to tackle, head-on, difficult data privacy issues, validation challenges that have long degraded data quality and accuracy, and striking a workable balance between access and accountability”, says the EWG in its final report.

The report itself has come for some criticism for not reflecting true consensus. ICANN’s Jean-François Baril, Lead Coordinator for the EWG, addressed these criticism in a post published on the ICANN blog earlier today.

“The Final Report is not perfect,” admits Baril. “It includes 180 principles that were analyzed and thoroughly discussed and reflect numerous compromises made by all members. I am sure that there are EWG members who find disagreement with one or more principles or approaches as outlined in the Final Report. However, despite these differences, all of us agreed that the collective RDS model is preferred to today’s WHOIS.”