Jun 112014

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How is ICANN policy set? Is it viable long-term for ICANN to expect so much from unpaid volunteers?

These and other topics will be addressed in London in a few days as part of the the second At-Large Summit (ATLAS II) event.

Several organisations are taking advantage of the fact that ICANN’s 50th international meeting will be held in London at the end of June to host their own events.

ICANN’s At-Large, which represents Internet users, is doing just that with ATLAS II. The summit aims to provide background info on ICANN and the multi-stakeholder model in general.

The first ATLAS was organised in 2009 as part of the 34th international ICANN meeting in Mexico. “That summit was the starting point for many of the At-Large activities that we see today because it was the first time many people were able to really understand the way our community is structured and the way ICANN works,” says At-Large Advisory Committee Chair Olivier Crépin-Leblond.

Understanding ICANN will be a major theme for the second ATLAS as well.

The meeting is organised in thematic groups and Milathan Chairman Stéphane Van Gelder is serving as Subject Matter Expert for the group on At-Large Community Engagement in ICANN.

During a session planned for Saturday June, 21, in the afternoon, Stéphane will explain the Policy Development Process by which rules are set for the Internet’s domain name ecosystem.

On Sunday June 22 in the morning, a second session will discuss the very real risk of volunteer burn-out as ICANN asks more and more of those who provide their time and energy to its processes as community members.