Jun 212014
ICANN At-Large Summit II London

Internet Users meeting in London to examine how policy is made for the Internet’s naming and addressing system as part of the ICANN process. Photo Milathan.

As a prelude to the 50th ICANN International meeting being held in London all next week, Internet users worldwide are meeting today at the London Hilton Metropole hotel to learn about how they can get involved into the work being done at ICANN.

Breakout discussion sessions dubbed “Thematic Groups” will cover a variety of topics, including how policy is made at ICANN, how ICANN processes aim at transparency and accountability, how users worldwide can be made aware of the importance of the work done at ICANN.

Holding this Internet user summit has helped boost attendance levels for the London ICANN meeting to record levels, with more than 2,200 people already registered for the (free) event.