Jun 052014


On June 4, ICANN authorised auction provider Power Auctions ran the first of the official ICANN “last resort” auctions, pitting Afilias against Beijing Tele-info Network Technology Company.

The auction was for the IDN Chinese character version of .INFO. Afilias has run the ASCII .INFO TLD since 2001 but lost the auction for the IDN version. Beijing Tele-info Network Technology Company won with a $600,000 winning bid.

A succinct auction report shows there was two rounds, with both bidders meeting the first round end price of $450,000. Second round end price was set at $900,000 and only met by Beijing Tele-info.

The next ICANN auction is for .COUPON and is currently scheduled for July 9th at 16:00 UTC. Amazon and Minds&Machines parent company Top Level Domain Holdings will be competing for the string.