Jun 252014

GoogIf you’re anywhere near the domain industry, you tend to synch your key announcements with ICANN meetings. And with the one currently happening in London having already beaten all attendance records, Google couldn’t have timed their entry into the registrar market any better.

Running under the tagline “here’s how easy it is to get online” Google has opened up a beta registrar page. Currently, an invitation is required to register domains with Google, but “Google Domains” is expected to become a mainline product in the near future.

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Jun 242014

François Hollande, président de la république française, et Axelle Lemaire, secrétaire d’État chargée du Numérique.

Axelle Lemaire, la secrétaire d’État chargée du Numérique, demande au régulateur mondial de l’Internet de prendre en compte les intérêts nationaux dans sa gestion des extensions Internet .VIN et WINE (vin en Anglais).

“La France fait de la suspension des noms de domaine .VIN et .WINE une condition de sa participation au processus de réforme de l’ICANN.” Axelle Lemaire est venue à la réunion ICANN de Londres pour y délivrer un message très clair.

Lire la suite sur le Huffington Post.

Jun 232014

A record 3,200 people have registered for ICANN’s meeting in London. Photo Milathan.

Never before have so many people attended an ICANN meeting. At the London meeting’s opening ceremony, CEO Fadi Chehadé announced that more than 3,300 attendees had registered for the organisation’s 50th International meeting.

The meeting started today with a High Level Government meeting grouping 175 governmental officials from 77 countries, where space was at such a premium that an overflow room had to be set up to accomodate those who could not find space in the main room.

Jun 212014

ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee meets at the London ICANN meeting.

Singular and plural versions of the same string continue to be a possible thorn in ICANN’s new gTLD program’s side. Today, at the London ICANN meeting, governments used the HOTEL/HOTELS example to reiterate their position against allowing these potential clashes to happen.

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Jun 212014
ICANN At-Large Summit II London

Internet Users meeting in London to examine how policy is made for the Internet’s naming and addressing system as part of the ICANN process. Photo Milathan.

As a prelude to the 50th ICANN International meeting being held in London all next week, Internet users worldwide are meeting today at the London Hilton Metropole hotel to learn about how they can get involved into the work being done at ICANN.

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Jun 162014


HOTEL Top-Level-Domain S.a.r.l, a Luxemburg firm created to apply for the new gTLD .HOTEL, has passed ICANN’s Community Priority Evaluation (CPE) procedure and will therefore operate the string.

Seven applicants had submitted bids for .HOTEL, one of the most contested and controversial strings in the newgTLD program because the hotel industry did not want to see it fall into what it considered the wrong hands.

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Jun 102014


The Registration Directory Service (RDS) proposed by ICANN’s Expert Working Group on gTLD Directory Services (EWG) is recommending that, whilst basic WHOIS data should remain available to all, more comprehensive data only be accessed by accredited (and therefore identified) people who would say how they intend to use the data.

“The proposed RDS is designed to tackle, head-on, difficult data privacy issues, validation challenges that have long degraded data quality and accuracy, and striking a workable balance between access and accountability”, says the EWG in its final report.

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