May 142014


Welcome to Milathan’s new blog: The Milathan Post.

The name may be slightly tongue in cheek, but the topics covered certainly won’t be! Milathan provides advice on all aspects of our clients’ online identities, from domain names to social media and everything in between. And that’s what we’ll be writing about here.

We analyse naming strategies and existing portfolios to ensure they meet marketing, sales and corporate requirements.

We represent clients in key Internet Governance bodies (ICANN or the IGF for example) so that their interests are given the voice they deserve and new trends never blind-side them.

We draft cohesive across-the-board packages where domain names, social media identities and marketing campaigns complement each other instead of colliding.

We also provide many other services, including assistance in launching new Internet naming products such as Top Level Domains.

Beyond our day jobs, at Milathan, we are as passionate about the Internet as we are about information sharing. That’s what The Milathan Post is for. It’s our outlet for sharing our views, news and insights into the fascinating world of the Internet’s naming and numbering system and associated topics.

Milathan founder Stéphane Van Gelder is very active in Internet naming and governance circles and will be taking you behind the scenes. He will also be steadily migrating his previous blog over to The Milathan Post, so you don’t miss out on past content.

We hope you enjoy The Milathan Post. We are very conscious that today, everyone is under a veritable barrage of information sources. We promise to keep our articles short and to the point.

And if you want to support The Milathan Post whilst promoting your wares to Internet industry users, professionals and policy-makers, contact us for our extremely competitive advertising rates.