May 222014
Fadi Chehade

ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé

As a US organisation exempt from income tax, ICANN is under obligation to file a “Form 990” every year. The latest one was sent in on May 13, 2014 and covers the period up until June 30, 2013.

It shows how much ICANN’s top-tier employees are paid. CEO Fadi Chehadé had not been with the organisation for a full year at that point (he joined on September 14, 2012) and is therefore shown as receiving a lower compensation (USD 273,131) than many of his senior staffers.

COO Akram Atallah pocketed an impressive USD 649,426 over the period, but was beaten to the highest earner spot by former CEO Rod Beckstrom who, despite being shown as off ICANN’s books from June 30, 2012, was still paid USD 664,550.

The form also shows which ICANN Board members accepted compensation over the period. Chris Disspain, Judith Vazquez, Raj Ramaraj and Bruce Tonkin were the only ones out of 16 Board members listed (excluding liaisons and the CEO) not to have taken any money for doing what is undeniably a near fulltime job.

  One Response to “Tax form reveals top ICANN salaries”

  1. Set aside the idea that ICANN performs a critical function and that you need high quality professionals in the key positions, where competitive salaries are required — I think these’s a more interesting concept here, where the regulator has salaries better than, or on par with, the salaries of the regulated. These’s an argument to be made that the competitive salaries maintain ICANN’s independence and reduce the “revolving door” problem that compromises the independence of much government oversight.