May 202014


Amazon’s bid for Dot Amazon appears to be over. On May 14, 2014, the ICANN Board’s New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC) resolved “that the applications for .AMAZON (application number 1-1315-58086) and related IDNs in Japanese (application number 1-1318-83995) and Chinese (application number 1-1318-5581) filed by Amazon EU S.à r.l. should not proceed.”

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May 192014


Universal acceptance of top level domains hasn’t really meant much to most Internet users up until now. As long as .COM was basically the default TLD, there wasn’t much of an issue.

No longer. With 263 delegated strings (according to ICANN’s May 12, 2014 statistics) adding to the existing 22 gTLDs that were already live on the net after the 2004 round of Internet namespace expansion, the problem of universal acceptance gets very real.

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May 162014

Capture d’écran (2)

Domain name registration volumes continued to grow in 2013, with numbers just released by .COM registry Verisign putting the total number of names worldwide (all TLDs) at 271 million. A 7.3 % year on year increase equivalent to 18.5 million new domains.

National suffixes (ccTLDs) continued to shine more brightly than gTLDs as they reached 123.5 million names, a 12.1 % increase from 2012. At close of business on December 31, 2013, there were 112 million .COM and 15.2 million .NET names.

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May 142014


Censorship of history or respecting everyone’s right not to have private data remain in the public domain? A Court of Justice of the European Union May 13, 2014 decision is already proving controversial.

Proponents of the right to be forgotten are pleased. Supporters of the right to information are not. One corporate lawyer network on LinkedIn responded with a curt “Data protection 1, freedom of speech 0.”

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May 142014


Welcome to Milathan’s new blog: The Milathan Post.

The name may be slightly tongue in cheek, but the topics covered certainly won’t be! Milathan provides advice on all aspects of our clients’ online identities, from domain names to social media and everything in between. And that’s what we’ll be writing about here.

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May 112014


The US Government’s decision to transition its oversight of the IANA function to a multi-national, multi stakeholder organisation is set to impact ICANN’s standard operations.

On April 25, ICANN Board Chair Steve Crocker send an email to the ICANN community leaders suggesting changes to the agenda for the upcoming 50th International ICANN meeting, set to be held in London from June 22 to 26.

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