May 072014


On April 29, ICANN’s Centralized Zone Data System, or CZDS for short, was taken offline due to an apparent technical problem. The system provides zonefile data for active new gTLDs. All registries are required to feed data into the system, which can then be accessed by any interested party.

On April 30th, ICANN sent CZDS users an email saying that it had been notified of a problem and work was ongoing to restore access to the system.

The problem was identified and solutions tested, as a follow-up email from ICANN sent out on May 2 explained:

As we notified you previously, the Centralized Zone Data System (CZDS) is temporarily offline while ICANN investigates a technical issue with the system software.

We discovered the root cause of the issue. Several solutions to the problem have been identified and we are moving quickly to evaluate the best course of action.

Update: As of today (May 3), ICANN has brought the CZDS system back online, as the following email explains:

As previously communicated, the CZDS was temporarily taken offline to investigate a technical issue. The system had been designed with a robust set of management features for registry users, but it came to our attention that some of those registry user features did not work as intended or caused user confusion.

While we’ve made some changes to registry user features, the end user experience remains the same.