May 272014

Showcasing Frogans site use on Day 1 of the Frogans Technology Conference in Paris (France). Photo The MIlathan Post.

Under development since 1999, Frogans is an ambitious and wide reaching new software layer designed to allow safe, simple and cheap construction and distribution of sites.

Despite having become synonymous with the Internet, the World Wide Web is not the Internet. It’s actually a software layer that sits on top of the core Internet infrastructure. The Internet’s open nature means other software layers can also be used.

Expected to be released sometime within the next 12 months, Frogans will make everyone’s live simpler by introducing true universality. A Frogans site only needs to be developed once because it is rendered in exactly the same way, whatever the device used to access it (desktop, tablet, mobile…). It is lighter to load, so it does not require high bandwidths or large amounts of device memory. It includes safeguards against virus and malware attacks so that end-users enjoy a high level of natural protection.

The technology is distributed by a non-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring it always remains free and available to all.

The project’s first conference is currently being held in Paris. Over 100 people have registered for the event and the second day starts today at 19:00 French time (17:00 UTC). As Frogans Technology Ambassador, Milathan Chairman Stéphane Van Gelder will giving a short overview (in English) of how the technology stands to benefit Internet users at 17:45 UTC.

Attendance is free and for those who cannot attend in person, the conference is being streamed live. Videos of the major presentations will also be made available after the event.